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Pregnancy Massage @ Lotus

We are moms, well most of us, so we know what you are going through. We've experienced all those joys, nerves, frustrations and discomforts. So, Lotus knows how to take care of you. Our mommy specific menu is a clear indication of just how much we understand the physical and mental component of this amazing journey...your pregnancy!

Lotus Mama Arm & Leg Treatment

30 mins


Using an exfoliating glove, your therapist will redirect the lymphatic system so that fluids aren't collecting around your ankles and wrists. Using upwards strokes we work the arms and legs with the gloves, followed by a hydrating massage to further assist the lymphatic system. Bonus, you get to keep the exfoliating gloves to use at home! This is a great add-on treatment to our Mother-to-be Massage.

Lotus Hydrating Bump Treatment

10 mins


Using a sugar scrub, your therapist will agitate (in a good way) your belly's skin to remove all dead skin cells. Followed with a hydrating massage to help make your bump more plyable and less itchy as the baby grows. Another ahhhh-some add-on to our Mother-to-be massage.

Mother-to-be Massage

60 mins $95

90 mins $125

This massage is our all time fave!

Starting you in a side-lying position, your therapist massages all the major muscle groups affected by your wonderful pregnancy. Using customized pressure, your therapist will work out tension or pain to help you walk and sleep better! If you would like to see a therapist with deeper pressure, please schedule with Lindsay, Heather, Brittney or Gigi.